When the cameras flash and stars radiate their brilliance, Valet Parking Service shines brightest. For over 40 years, we have been trusted to provide valet parking and shuttle services for guests of the most revered awards shows, premieres and special events in Greater Los Angeles. 

Our expertise lies in understanding the importance of first and final impressions on guests and our meticulous approach to concierge parking services. 

Our special event clientele include the following: 

  • The Academy Awards
  • The Emmy Awards
  • The Golden Globe Awards
  • The Hollywood Bowl

Whether you are working with an event planner, caterer, or organizing the event on your own, planning ahead for parking is as important as choosing the time and place for your event. Scheduling attendants, acquiring special permits and determining the need for shuttles and off-site parking are only part of the services we provide. Advance meetings with our Special Events Coordinators can help to identify solutions for your specific needs, so that a well-planned parking experience becomes part of making your event a memorable success.

Valet Parking Service provides white-glove parking services throughout Greater Los Angeles including special event parking, valet parking, and shuttle services for award shows, premieres, private parties and more. Learn more about special event parking services, notable clients and events, as well as employment opportunities.

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